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  • /ˈsteɪ.pl/, /"
  • Rhymes with: -eɪpəl

Etymology 1

Via from estaple, of origin.


  1. A basic or essential supply.
  2. A basic food.
    • Rice is a staple in the diet of many cultures.
basic or essential supply
basic food

Etymology 2

From stapol.


  1. A wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper by penetrating all the sheets and curling around.
  2. A wire fastener used to secure something else by penetrating and curling.
    • Can you believe they use staples to hold cars together these days?
  3. The result of installing such a fastener.
    • A good staple will hold tightly.
  4. A U-shaped metal fastener, used to attach fence wire or other material to posts or structures.
    • The rancher used staples to attach the barbed wire to the fence-posts.
  5. One of a set of U-shaped metal rods hammered into a structure, such as a piling or wharf, which serve as a ladder.
    • Fortunately, there were staples in the quay wall, and she was able to climb out of the water.
wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper
wire fastener in general
result of installing such a fastener
  • Finnish: nitoa
U-shaped metal fastener
one of set of rods hammered into structure
translations to be checked


  1. To secure with a staple.
secure with a staple
  • Dutch: nieten
  • Finnish: nitoa
  • Icelandic: hefta
  • Polish: zszyć
  • Portuguese: agrafar
  • Spanish: grapar
Derived terms

Etymology 3


  1. The length of the fibers in cotton, sheep’s wool, or the like, a measure of its usefulness for spinning
length of fibers in wool

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Clive Staples Lewis, full name of CS Lewis


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